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August 30 - K-B UP-DATES:

Market Menu for August 31 and September 1 and 2:

***K-B Market will be on vacation the first two weeks of September; the next menu will be posted around September 19th***

  • Fresh Mozzarella - 24 hours notice please - $9 lb
  • Spicy cucumber soup with coconut milk - $7 pint
  • Gravlax - dill, sugar and salmon cured salmon - $36 lb
  • Smoked Beef Sausage - $9 lb
  • St. Brigid's Farm beef - brochettes of sirloin with peppers and onions, ready for the grill - $11 per
  • Smart Chickens - $4 lb whole; $5 lb spatchcocked and dry-brined
  • FarmStand "Salad"  - corn, cucumber, watermelon and mint with a pomgranate vinaigrette - $8 pint
  • Crab cakes - depending on the availability of Maryland jumbo lump - $12.50 per 4 oz. cake
  • Lemon IceBox Pie- a Brooks Tavern classic - $6 slice

With enough notice, we can prepare custom dishes for your home table.  Be it a pan of scalloped potatoes or a tray of fresh mozzarella and sausage, a whole quiche, or 5 dozen cookies - let us know and we will be happy to oblige.   


Check in at our calendar for details of K-B Market events or to find available dates for your private party.