K-B Market and Kitchen Is focused on  weekly carry-home menus and value wines, with the food you expect from Chef Kevin McKinney, with customer service you expect from GM Barbara Silcox.





K-B Market is all about Food and Wine!

Each week an email goes out with the carry-out menu for that week, as well as a list of pantry items, such as flour and cheeses and sea salt, that customers can pick-up during Market Hours to take home to enjoy.  Some meals require further cooking on the customer’s part, others are ready to eat.     

And wine!  The Market carries a selection of value wines that are easy on the pocketbook and the palate, plus the occasional splurge worthy bottle.      

Soup to dessert, ready for your dining room table or picnic in the park. 

 Go to the Sign Up page to get yourself on that list!

And remember – If you have a Phone, you have a Chef!